Bureaucrat Founder

I am Lythronax and I am the administrator and founder of Cryptid Wiki. I created this wiki in 2015 as a more polished alternative to w:c:cryptidz. Although I was an admin there, it would have been immensely difficult to establish policies and guidelines on the wiki without it turning into a bit of a free-for-all. Coupled with the instances of copyright violations that befell that site, I concluded that the best course of action was to create a new one.

As you might have spotted, this wiki hasn't really gained much traction. In fact, I'm the only active user here. However, with that being said, it would be lovely to have your company here too!

To the small number of you that may be considering joining the wiki, please do. Although, please don't trod on my flowers, as in don't be a nuisance. We have a few established policies that you should adhere to, should you join the wiki. For example, use capital letters correctly and remember that we're a more secular wiki.
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