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The Gable Film

The original Gable film, released on the internet in 2007.

The Gable film is a film by Mike Agrusa which went viral on the internet during 2007. The film, allegedly filmed during the 1970s, depicts what appears to be a Michigan dogman.


The film starts with the sons of a man named Aaron Gable riding snowmobiles on an open stretch of land. It then cuts to Gable chopping wood before reaching for a drink. The film then jumps to a view of the forest before cutting to Gable's dog playing and running around on a road.

After a short amount of time, the film jumps to Aaron Gable repairing his truck. Soon after, he begins to drive down a road while his son operates the camera. The latter starts to record a creature crawling on all fours in the forest. Gable stops the truck and takes the camera off of his son. He follows the creature's trail on foot. After a few shots of Gable walking and running through the woods, the film cuts to a shot of the creature, stood still and watching Gable.

The animal subsequently charges at Gable, prompting him to run. The creature's jaws are visible for a brief second before Gable drops to the ground.