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The wiki about cryptozoology and cryptobotany that anybody can edit!

Cryptid Wiki is an ongoing project which aims to be the internet's greatest source of information on cryptozoology and cryptobotany. We aim to beat our competitors in terms of accuracy and reliability, as well as beauty.

Isn't there already a Cryptid Wiki?

Yes, indeed there is. However, there are several key differences between this wiki and that wiki.

  • This wiki's articles contain references and footnotes. These are extremely important as they clearly highlight our sources which ultimately leads to a trustworthy wiki.
  • Just because this wiki is about cryptozoology, it doesn't mean that the articles are pro-cryptid. You can add sections to articles about the validity of the subject or about public opinions about the creature which are skeptical of its existence - this is something the other Cryptid Wiki generally frowns upon.
  • The files on this wiki are correctly licensed and categorised, whereas on the other side, that isn't the case.
  • This wiki looks a bit different.

Cryptid Wiki Manual

Since we strive to maintain consistency and provide a quality resource for cryptozoological information, editors have to abide by a set of rules and guidelines if they wish to contribute. Websites centred around cryptids are often subject to ridicule for their disjointed presentation and unsubstantiated postulations so it is imperative that this wiki maintains a level of integrity.

However, as this is a small community with only one admin at the helm, these policies will be rolled out slowly so, for the time being, editors will be given some leeway. So, until the wiki has an established set of policies, editors are encouraged to edit with common sense.

Can't view certain text?

As a wiki, we strive to be as accurate as possible, hence why some cryptid names have accents in them and some articles may contain text written in a foreign language. If you cannot view certain characters, you may need to download appropriate fonts. This Wikipedia help page goes into detail about multilingual support.

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